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Close Message

Dear all clients, volunteers and friends of SLM,

We are having a change-around with our rooms over the next couple of weeks. As many of you will know, SLM has been in need of more space for some time as our services have grown.

As such, our office is now moving to the ground floor of Stricklandgate House. We are taking up two new counselling rooms (also on the ground floor) and we will be leaving our existing therapy room on the second floor. However there will be no change to the drop in, which will stay in the same place.

We are moving offices next week on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd July. Please note that we will be officially closed on those days as we get ourselves sorted and there may be reduced telephone and internet access.

Please bear with us during the move. Our counselling room changes will take place at a slightly later date and all volunteers and clients who will be affected by this will be informed in advance.