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HELP crisis campaign – meet us today and tomorrow in Kendal, Grange and Windermere
Look out for our HELP banner outside Stricklandgate House. It may even make an appearance at the Birdcage on Saturday 1st November.
It’s not much, but hopefully a lot of people’s “not muches” will add up to enough.’

That’s what one person said when they made a donation to our campaign. They were right, and today and tomorrow we will be taking the message out to businesses in Kendal, Grange and Windermere. Our HELP postcards with details of how to give to our campaign will be provided for shops and businesses who see the value of our work, and want to get that message to customers. Look out for the HELP Message in a Bottle.

There’s a big banner now outside our offices at Stricklandgate House in Kendal as well. Again, look out for the (big!) HELP Message in a Bottle.

And you can come and see us by the Birdcage in the centre of Kendal, tomorrow, Saturday. We’ll be pleased to talk with you about what the charity does and the real and lasting difference that your donation could make to someone’s life.

Jonathan Ingram, Chief Officer, said: ‘We need to build donations urgently. It could be a small amount, it could be a large amount: each to their means. But with a coalition of stakeholders – from individuals to trust funds to statutory bodies - who believe in what we do as a charity, and what we provide for the locality in terms of mental health provision, we believe we can survive. Please, if you’re wondering what you can do, donate and I guarantee you will make a difference.’

Some of the things people have said since the start of our campaign: ‘I am so sorry that you are fighting for your survival right now. So many people benefit from your services. I hope that you can come through this.’

‘Thank you for all the work that you do and all the people that you help and support’.

‘I hope this small amounts helps. It would be such a shame if this valuable service were to fold.’

Mind must not close. The distress of mental illness can affect anyone, and this small team delivers a vital service which simply is not available otherwise. Where would we be without them?’

‘This can’t be allowed to happen! It had never occurred to me that Mind might not be there.’

Please keep helping people.’