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Aim of SLM Befriending Service

To improve the quality of life for people with mental health problems who feel isolated or alone.

  • To help befriendees resume responsibility for their own health and home affairs
  • To support befriendees in building useful links with their local communities and services by increasing participation in social activity and engagement
  • To provide a supportive ‘friend’ who befriendees can turn to for companionship
  • To provide a signposting service that enables befriendees to get additional support
What is Befriending?

Befriending is defined as the development of voluntary relationships based on trust, confidentiality and mutual involvement in a one-to-one setting. The relationship is formed with the aim of providing practical assistance and social support. Involvement can be a very rewarding experience for both participants providing opportunities for developing new skills, raising self-confidence and exploring things from a different angle while at the same time engaging with, and putting something back into, the community.

If you have a couple of hours a week to spare and you are caring, compassionate and a good listener, please get in touch.

For more information:

Please contact Freddie van Gulik:

  • Telephone: 01539 740591
  • Mobile: 07715 666 414
  • Email: