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What is R.E.D January?

R.E.D stands for Run Every Day January and centers around a month long challenge in January to run, walk, swim (whatever you fancy!) each day, every day. There are no rules. The aim is to get active every day.

R.E.D's mission is to raise awareness and support for mental health, by promoting the positive power exercise can have on our minds and wellbeing.

For more information please contact

What if exercising every day seems too daunting?

The great thing about this challenge is its inclusivity. Whether you’re planning on walking 5 mins a day or running 100 miles in the month, there are no rules and no judgements. The emphasis is on a flexible exercise schedule that celebrates every achievement, no matter how large or small. You can scale things up or ease them back, just keep listening to your body. R.E.D experts will be on hand to offer handy tips and advice.

Exercising is usually a beneficial thing to do for your mental health, and can be helpful as part of a long-term recovery or treatment plan. But there are some situations in which you might need to take extra care in case it starts to become a problem for you.

Find more information about exercising safely using the link below.

When is the deadline to register for R.E.D January 2018?

There is no deadline to register, but we recommend that you register early to get access to our online resources, receive our e-newsletters, have access to the R.E.D January community and of course receive your R.E.D January technical running t-shirt.

Where does R.E.D January take part?

At a location that suits you. Whether you're exercising solo, with friends, family or colleagues, you decide where and when is best for you to enjoy your daily dose of exercise. You can also feel supported in the knowledge that there will be R.E.D participants around the country that will be out and about at the same time as you.

How do I register?
How do I get a R.E.D t-shirt?

To request your R.E.D January t-shirt please contact

We want R.E.D January to be accessible and free to everyone. By signing up to take part in R.E.D January you will get a R.E.D January branded technical running t-shirt. These are a financial cost to the charity. In order to make it possible for us to offer this to everyone we are giving you the option to make a contribution to our costs if you wish to. Please contact to make your suggested donation of £7.50.

How do I get a fundraising medal?

We’d be delighted to send you a medal in recognition of your fundraising achievements and how much you have raised to support Mind’s vital services and this will be automatically sent out to fundraisers.

If you have not received your medal by the end of February 2018, but have fundraised as part of your R.E.D January challenge please contact

I'd like to fundraise whilst doing R.E.D January, how do I do that?

That’s great! There are plenty of resources available to help you get started including a fundraising guide and sponsorship form. To access fundraising resources please contact or use the link below to visit our fundraising page.

How do I connect with other R.E.D January participants?

The R.E.D January Facebook community brings people together from around the country. It's a space for you to share your personal progress and feel supported by the endless amounts of encouragement.

There's also the option to connect with R.E.D participants via our Instagram and Twitter pages.

How do I contact someone from the R.E.D team?

Share your thoughts, ask a question or simply say hello at

After the challenge in January, is that it for R.E.D?

We know that people who experience mental health conditions like depression and anxiety are not restricted to feeling the symptoms for one month of the year. It can happen at any time and the R.E.D community page and Mind is available to help people throughout the year.

Feel free to remain a part of the community, share stories and offer and receive support well after your R.E.D January experience.