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Befriending (1 to 1 Peer Support)
Befriending (1 to 1 Peer Support)

If you are, or someone you know is, feeling isolated and needing support please consider referring them to our befriending service. Due to the overwhelming demand for the service, the waiting list is longer than we would like but we will endeavour to match clients with a volunteer as quickly as we can.

Aims of our Befriending Service

To improve mental health and wellbeing

To reduce social isolation

To improve confidence


To enable clients... engage in a positive friendship with a fully trained volunteer on a long term basis (up to 12 months) access support services in their local area feel good about themselves and their value as part of their local community

Please contact the office on 01539 740591 or Fredrika Buchanan on 07568 704 638 or via email: for further details and to refer yourself, a friend or a client to the service.